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Here you will find a selection of beautifully handcrafted bamboo flutes for sale + other instruments used for healing and holding space. You will also discover useful ebooks and information on how to enhance your own musical abilities. Enjoy! Shop Now

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Individually hand crafted meditation flutes, looking for homes and ready to ship. Visit this section to see what we have in store.

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Wilde Flute Maker - Design your own flute

Choose everything from appearance, size, tuning, hole arrangement, wrapping and more. Let’s see if what you can imagine, we can create!

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Wilde Flute Maker - Shamanic Instruments

Other instruments for healing and holding space

Bass Igaku – Flute Duet

Track Title: Live With Nature
Flutes and Drum by: Kye Wilde
Video by: Trisha Packham

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What Our Customers are Saying

I am overjoyed with my magical little instrument. For me this flute has had the ability to invoke peace into my heart more effortlessly than before. So for that I am beyond grateful. Thank you Kye & Trisha. From the moment I picked it up I felt zen. Plenty of breath work & focus required, but these just happen to be the best tools for Being Present. With patience & persistence I know that one day I will sound like a songbird…

Amber Li Phoenix


“Hey man, I really love the flute, I play it a lot every day, at home or outdoors, I discover some new subtleties every day, it’s really a beautiful instrument, thanks again, will definitely come back to you for at least two others in the future. Peace!”

Yoann Charlie

Drusenheim, France

“Thank you! She has such a lovely voice and an amazingly beautifull song. She is still a bit shy, we are…” ~ about his flute

Frans Mentz

Vryburg, South Africa

“I think I was made for this flute…”

Julian Gouws

Johannesburg, South Africa

“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi