Igaku Bass Meditation Flute

Bass Igaku Meditation Flute

F# Tuned to 432hz


Price: R2500

Difficulty: Quite Difficult

Range: 2 Octaves with 3rd Octave Root Note


Igaku (Which means “Medicine” in Japanese) are ceremonial meditation instruments, intended for sound healing and holding space. They have characteristically soothing voices.

Because of this flute’s size (Almost 90cm), it may be difficult and sometimes impossible for some people to play. It has large holes and large spaces between them, Thus players must have medium to large hands. Because of its deep and soothing sound, however, it will bring much relaxation to whomever takes on the challenge.

This flute comes with a custom fitted leather bag for protection.

Find the sound sample of this instrument above. Please note that the sound sample has not been “airbrushed” and so no effects or reverb have been added to enhance the sound.

If you have any questions or would like to order, don’t hesitate to mail: kye.wilde@gmail.com