Duende Meditation Flute

Duende Meditation Flute

Tuned in all keys from B3 to G4


Usually: R1050 

Special Offer: R800 (Save R250)

Applies to Contralto Size Only

Offer Ends: 15 May 2017

Difficulty: Very Easy

Range: 2 Octaves


Duende is a Spanish word describing a quality of spirit or passion.

Created with much the same intention as  Igaku Flutes, Duende are meditation and ceremonial instruments for channeling healing music. They are tuned to the pentatonic scale, perfect for improvisation and come backed by our eBook series, Channeling Music, and finger charts. 

The most attractive thing about the Duende is that it is markedly easier to play than most embouchure flutes, and this has been reiterated by almost all the people who have tried them. They have characteristically round voices and tend to be very merry sounding.

Everything, however, comes at a cost and the price for a much easier flute to play, is that the Duende’s range of volume and timbre is limited and a few of the second octave notes tend to be compromised. It remains a staggeringly strong sounding flute though, and perfect as a transitional instrument for beginners.

Duende come with a custom fitted leather or canvas bag for protection.

Find the sound sample of this instrument above. Please note that the sound sample has not been “airbrushed” and so no effects or reverb have been added to enhance the sound.

If you have any questions or would like to order, don’t hesitate to mail: kye.wilde@gmail.com