At WILDE FLUTE MAKER it is our intention to help fill the world with more music than there was before we arrived. Music is a profound medicine that heals the spirit, and when the spirit is healed, the mind and body follow suit. But making instruments is only one part of our mission. The other part, of course, is to see to it that our customers know how to play our instruments and channel music that serves the function of healing. Which is why we would love to share these eBooks with you. Focusing on topics such as Channeling Music, Sound Healing, Holding Space, The Role of Silence in Melody and much more, these eTexts are free to whomever requests them. Subscribe at the bottom of this page, to receive your copies!

rhythm of the wind

A look into the way rhythm supports music.


Breathing Music

A look into breathing and how breath dances with music.


Channeling Music

A discussion about the common misconceptions of music that inhibit one’s freedom of musical expression.


Kiss of the flute

Pointers and exercises related to embouchure and tonal quality.



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