Igaku Meditation Flute

Available in all keys from F3 to C#5


Price: R700 to R2500

Difficulty: Easy

Range: 2 Octaves with 3rd Octave Root Note


Igaku is Japanese for the study of medicine. We have named these flutes Igaku, to honour their traditional Japanese roots and to remind us of the reason with which they were created.

Igaku flutes are intended for ceremonial space, shamanic medicine ceremony and sound meditations. They are tuned to the pentatonic scale, making them ideal for improvisation and channeling music. Since making healing music is our intention (and we can only make so much music alone) this flute comes backed by our eBook series, Channeling Music and finger charts, giving you everything you need to start healing yourself and others with music.

The name Igaku also acknowledges the element of study, since its simple fingering and natural embouchure is perfect for beginners. The only embouchure flute that’s easier to play, is the Duende.

Although modeled after the Japanese Shakuhachi, these flutes are made with a more natural bore and deliberately mellower voices, to bring a calming sound to the space.

This flute comes with a custom fitted leather or canvas bag for protection.

Find the sound sample of this instrument above. Please note that the sound sample has not been “airbrushed” and so no effects or reverb have been added to enhance the sound.

If you have any questions or would like to order, don’t hesitate to mail: kye.wilde@gmail.com