Please note that these audio clips are intended to be used in conjunction with our eBook series on channeling music and serve only the purpose of demonstration. These exercises are discussed at length in the text that accompanies them. Please subscribe to our eBook series at the bottom of this page if you have not yet received your copy.


Breathing Music – Exercises 

(When listening to these demonstrations, pay particular attention to the inward breath.)


Rhythmic Inhale – Single Note


Rhythmic Inhale – Multiple Notes


Stretched Note


Stretched Melodic Phrase


Vibrato – No Flute


Vibrato – With Flute



Kiss of the Flute – Embouchure Exercises 

Even Tone


Phooh, Phooh (Pronouncing Notes)


Crescendo/Diminuendo – Single Note


Crescendo/Diminuendo – Melodic Phrase


Bending Notes





Check in again soon! More flute meditation exercises will follow!!


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