Merak Channeling Flute

Merak Channeling Flute

Available in D, E, & G Keys


Price: R955 to R1580

Range: 2 and a half Octaves 


Merak is a Serbian word that defies translation into other languages. It refers to the feeling of bliss that comes from the simplest of pleasures and the pursuit of small, daily pleasures that add up to a great sense of happiness and fulfillment.

The Merak Channeling Flute is a new instrument designed and made by Kye Wilde, intended as a flute particularly apt for channeling hours of improvised music for medicine ceremony and meditation.

The simple 7 hole finger system is capable of producing the chromatic scale over two and a half octaves, and allows for a broad range of musical scales in numerous keys. In most cases, having the chromatic scale on an instrument only complicates matters, but the Merak is designed to be easy to play, and simultaneously mystical sounding.

With richness of voice in mind, the Merak mouthpiece and bore are fashioned after the Shakuhachi, giving this flute a powerful sound and flexible embouchure capable of many sound effects.

Whether a first time flutist or an experienced master, this flute is guaranteed to bring a new sound and much satisfaction to its owner.

Find the sound sample of this instrument’s natural scale above. Please note that the sound sample has not been “airbrushed” and so no effects or reverb have been added to enhance the sound.

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The Merak comfortably plays Major, Minor, Harmonic Minor, Arabic, Persian, Pentatonic and other scales in various keys (demonstrated below), and comes backed by our eBook series Channeling Music and elaborate finger charts – all you need to master the instrument.


 Popular Melodies (Played on the Merak)