Hotchiku Flute


This flute has a mellow, rounded voice. It is intended as a practice instrument, hence the name “Hotchiku” which refers to less refined instruments of the Shakuhachi family intended for beginner practice.

1.5 – F (R1150)

Intended for Sui Zen. 5 Holes – F Minor pentatonic scale. Notes: F, Ab, Bb, C, Eb. Approximately 45cm in length.

1.8 – D (r1400)

Intended for Sui Zen. 5 Holes – D Minor pentatonic scale. Notes: D, F, G, A, C. Traditional size approximately 55cm in length.

2.1 – B (R1700)

Intended for Sui Zen. 5 Holes – B Minor pentatonic scale. Notes: B, D, E, F#, A. Approximately 65cm in length.

This flute comes with a custom made leather bag for protection.


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