Native American Flute


The Native American flute is known as a courting flute or a flute of love. It is traditionally used during the courting of woman and is said to speak the language of the heart. Because of their mellow and soothing voices these flutes have also been used in recent years in meditation and ceremonial medicine around the world.

Unlike traditional Native American flutes, which typically have only one octave range, instruments by Wilde Flute Maker boast a two octave range, giving you double the notes to play with. This flute uses the pentatonic scale, which is ideal for improvisation and requires no embouchure to produce a sound, making this flute perfect for beginners and arguably the easiest flute to play. Comes with a custom fitted leather bag for protection.

Conttralo – F (R1650)

Intended for traditional Native America Music. 5 Holes – F Minor pentatonic scale. Notes: F, Ab, Bb, C, Eb. Approximately 65cm in length.

Tenor – D (R1950)

Intended for traditional Native America Music. 5 Holes – D Minor pentatonic scale. Notes: D, F, G, A, C. Approximately 75cm in length.


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