Shakuhachi Meditation Flute

C# (+/-) – Tuned to Self


Price: R1500

Difficulty: Moderate

Range: 2 Octaves with 3rd Cross-Fingerings


This flute has a strong, ringing voice, rich in timbres. Most of the time spent making this flute was on the bore, to produce the best back-pressure for different frequencies. It may not be as refined as Japanese Shakuhachi, which take months to make only one, however, it remains a beautiful and pristinely tuned instrument, with a voice much stronger than most flutes.

This flute comes with a custom fitted leather bag for protection.

Find the sound sample of this instrument above. Please note that the sound sample has not been “airbrushed” and so no effects or reverb have been added to enhance the sound.

If you have any questions or would like to order, don’t hesitate to mail: